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Anti-theft sensor

Anti-theft sensor

The product is stable and reliable, and the product has anti-destruction, anti-lightning surge, anti-interference and other performance; more functions are added, which is convenient for installation, debugging and use, such as adjustable frequency of detector, set detection area, anti-blocking, anti-proof Destruction, wireless connection between detector and host; more convenient installation and debugging, wireless connection between detector and host, simplify installation and construction workload, adapt to various household users' needs; in the future, this anti-theft sensor will be staffed One, China has a sales potential of 1.3 billion.

  The anti-theft sensor mainly has the functions of anti-vandal, automatic alarm, and loud sound warning; it is to automatically induct the intrusion behavior occurring in the arming sensor area by using physical or electronic technology, generate an alarm signal, and prompt the on-duty personnel to generate an alarm. The area of the area shows the system that may take countermeasures.

  The anti-theft sensor device is generally divided into a front-end sensor and an alarm controller. The alarm controller is a host (such as a computer host) for controlling the processing including wired/wireless signals, detecting the failure of the system itself, and the power supply portion. , signal input, signal output, built-in dialer, etc.; front-end sensors include door magnetic switch, glass break sensor, infrared sensor and infrared / microwave dual-envelope, emergency call button.